Daniel Padillia – Aspiring Game Dev / WAGD Team

Daniel Padillia – Aspiring Game Dev / WAGD Team


We Are Game Devs was founded on the idea, “It’s hard to be what you can’t see.”  We wanted to give endeavoring game developers role models to emulate.  It is important to give students a chance to learn.  We Are Game Devs has been working with Gameheads in Oakland recruiting students to be a part of our team.  Daniel is one of the students who accepted the charge.  We are extremely proud to have him as part of the team.

IMG_3369smallerHey Daniel!  So happy to feature you.

“Hey, Marcus!”


You are part of the Gameheads.  How long have you been part of the program?

“I’ve been apart of Gameheads since the summer of 2015 and loved it ever since.”


With the program you’ve been exposed to various disciplines within game development. What is of most interest to you?

“Well I came into the program being that I wanted to become a video game programmer. After being exposed to the various disciplines within game development, I’ve grown very interested in becoming a video game designer. I became interested in it because you have to be familiar with a lot of different fields of study to get inspiration from. I love learning and would like to learn as many things as possible, so I feel like aspiring to become a video-game designer makes sense.”


Game designers are the coolest, but I’m biased.  Programming is still a good skill to have as a game designer.

“Yeah, definitely! My interest in programming hasn’t gone away though. Depending on where I transfer to, I would like to double major in computer science and video game design. I have too much passion for technology to not get into programming.”


Where are you going to school now?

“I’m currently going to College of Alameda but also attend Berkeley City College and Laney College.”


That’s a lot of schools to attend.  Your plan is to transfer?  Where to?

“It is a lot of schools but I have to hustle where they have the classes I need.”

“I have a few universities I wish to transfer to, but I’ll name my top three: University of Southern California (USC), UC Berkeley, or UC Santa Cruz. I want to go USC or Santa Cruz for their video game design programs and Berkeley because it’s close to home.”


Where did you grow up?

“I’ve grown up all over East Oakland.”


“I have too much passion for technology to not get into programming.”

What made you decide to be a part of the We Are Game Devs team?

“I really wanted a way to break into the video game industry. I figured I’d try something in the QA field but then you came in with this great idea and I was like  ‘Yeah, nah, this is way better’. It’s really inspiring to see that, as a person of color, you are not the only one who is struggling or has struggled in order to get into the video game industry. That’s why I wanted to help you with this project of yours because it could serve as inspiration for others.”


We are glad to have you as part of the squad.  How do you like to spend your free time? Doesn’t sound like you have much time between all of these classes you are taking.

“I like to spend my free time either learning more about game development, taking online programming classes, work on my own video game project, learning more within the liberal arts, perfecting my mathematics, or hanging out with friends. Oh! And how could I forget, during the week I always give myself at least two hours dedicated to practicing boxing and muay thai.”


IMG_3363What one game has influenced you the most?

“The game that has influenced me the most has been The Last of Us. I loved the narrative design of the game and it was the game that got me like,  ‘Okay, this is what I want to do with my life.’”


Describe yourself in one sentence.  What is your tagline?


That is a fantastic game.  Daniel, I can’t wait to see what games you make in the future.  Thanks for talking with me today.

“Thank you Marcus for having me!”

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